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History & Values

Legend has it that coffee was discovered in Ethiopia by a shepherd called Kaldi, around the year 850.


He is said to have noticed the agitation among his goats after they had eaten the fruits and leaves of a certain bush. Cultivation and use of the plant were then spread by monks who used it to keep themselves awake during their long services.


Ever since, coffee has been part of tradition and daily life in Ethiopia.



Of varying origins, particularly Ethiopian, this is the tradition we wanted to convey across Switzerland with Hiwet Coffee.


Hiwet is far more than an ordinary coffee brand: it is the culmination of encounters, discoveries, considerations and exchanges between Switzerland and Ethiopia over the years.



Thanks to years of exchanges, we have come to fully understand what is at stake with such an importation and the significance of consumption that respects not only the environment, but also the producer and local workers.


Bringing together our origins, our cultures and our values has led to what Hiwet Coffee represents today: a bridge between historic Ethiopian production, dedicated producers and seasoned consumers who respect our planet.

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